Infinite Human Potential

Some people wish they had more self-confidence, or even worse than that, they witness the positive self-image they want in somebody else and get jealous of them. They act like that other person got a better deal of the deck. Perhaps born with little something that was held back for the chosen few. Let me tell you here and now; babies are not born confident. There has never been a midwife hold up a screaming newborn and say Oh, no this poor child has been born with no confidence.' Equally, babies are not born with more than their fair share of confidence either.  If today, as an adult you are lacking confidence, this is only because you are wearing the wrong glasses. Your view of yourself is out of focus in this area, and that's all! The fantastic news is you have stumbled upon a book by one of the best fitters of new specs in the world.

We are all born with infinite potential, on that day when we come screaming into the world, nothing is impossible for us. In that moment and for not long after the boundaries of our future are limitless. I know even now, so early on this journey, some readers will be thinking. But what about people born into poverty or with disabilities? Those thoughts are houses built on sand, they appear to stand up to inspection but what I will demonstrate in this book is that they are limiting beliefs without foundations. If pressed I am sure you can think of someone born with severe disabilities who have gone on to achieve amazing things in their life. It is equally as likely that you will be able to think of many more people who have no physical challenges, who were born into the safety, wealth and abundance of civilized western life that have decided to become an abject failure.

Moving towards pleasure is an empowering, positive action. Pushing away pain and discomfort is an act that may have a purpose, in some situations it may even save your life but it is a generally disempowering act. In my case, creating the limiting belief that I can't dance as a means to protect myself from the embarrassment of trying does not serve or empower me. In truth, I watch people dancing and feel envious of their ability to be so at ease with themselves, to be so free and happy to do something like that in public. So while my firmly held and argued belief that I am incapable of dancing serves a purpose it most certainly does not serve me.

Success is never judged by what we achieve compared to other people it is measured by what we accomplish compared with what we are truly capable of. As the saying goes, if you judge the success of a fish by how well it can climb trees then you will always see failure. Regardless of your situation, physical mobility, background, race or gender. The choice is still the same, bounce back up and fight some more or stay down and be a victim.

All our beliefs are created by experiencing new events that we have no prior data on or opinion about. Before the age of seven, we have so few points of reference that we will accept pretty much everything we are told as being a hard-wired fact.

We all have our demons, the things we worry about in the dead of the night. Perhaps you worry you are not intelligent enough, not articulate enough, slim enough, fit enough. We could go on and on with the list of nonsense that we allow to hold us back.

Having an abundance mindset always starts with you taking 100% responsibility. The Law of Attraction states that what you think about 'most of the time' and what you believe at a subconscious level with manifest into your life. Ergo, if you believe you look fat, then you are directly making the very thing you don't want appear in your life.

Unhappiness, pain, and misery are human emotions created directly by the ego to manipulate the desired response. These painful feelings are generated by the ‘thinking mind’ when it doesn’t get what it wants but also instead ironically also directly as the result of giving it precisely what it wants too, and such is the insanity!